Our 2019 Global Audience Roadmap 

We have been busy behind the scenes evaluating and acquiring new data sources for GO.DATA over the past few months.  Our long term objective is to make GO.DATA available in every country Hollywood studios show their theatrical titles.

Offering our service in a new country takes a little more than just buying local data.  We need to offer our self-service portal in the local language, find quality data, acquire showtimes for the vast majority of cinemas and build a history of data to enable meaningful audience targeting.

The great news is our portal is now available in over 20 languages.  We have also found a wide range of new data suppliers offering high quality location data, with the correct permissions not only for local legislation, but also to satisfy our commitment to consumers:  we only use data that consumers have agreed to give us specifically, and they are able to choose to turn that data use off.

When evaluating a new data supply we look at the number of unique consumers it covers per day.  We aspire in any new country to cover around 5% of the population, eventually building to 20% of the population.  This is especially challenging in the EU, where data is scarce due to GDPR (for good reason).  Once we have a data sample we look at three key metrics:
  • Location integrity
  • Data density
  • Data consistency

Location integrity is incredibly important, without knowing how the location was derived we can’t assess our confidence level for a cinema visit.  We dont use pure GPS data, it simply is not accurate enough.  We do use AGPS data for foreground app data, however we prefer WiFi triangulation, WiFi scanlist analysis, Bluetooth beacons, QR scans or NFC taps.

Data density tells us how many location visits we get per day, per consumer.  If the number is too low there is a strong chance we are going to miss some cinema visits, or visits to other locations that are essential to building behavioural profiles.

Whether data is consistent over time gives us confidence that if we see someone’s data this week, we will still see their data in three months time.  If the churn rate is too high, the data isn’t useful for audience targeting and attribution.

We also like to know we can get data pretty much live, every four hours is ideal, but every day (for the previous day) as a minimum.

Showtimes can be difficult to acquire.  For some countries this is available to buy commercially, however in some it can only come from the exhibitor directly or via web scraping.  If we don’t have enough cinemas and showtimes covered we can’t offer attribution.

With all that in mind we have a roadmap for 2019.  By the end of this year our product will be available in the following countries:
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Columbia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • USA

If you are a distributor, exhibitor or screen advertiser and you want to measure campaigns, measure attribution or generate incremental box office in any of those countries.... get in touch.