Where can you use GO.DATA audiences?

GO.DATA's Audience Builder allows you to conjure up audiences based on their past behaviour.  That can include movies they have seen, frequency, city, day/time, genre, restaurants they visit, exhibitor, where they shop and more.

But once you have created one of these audiences, where can you use them?

Because GO.DATA uses industry standard mobile advertising ID's (MADID's) you can use them in many of the largest mainstream media channels.  For example you can use one of our audiences with any Google (D&V 360) or Facebook media properties.  You can treat them the same way as you would any other audience, allowing you to exclude, find look-a-likes or target.

You can also use our audiences with Snapchat Twitter and Pinterest in exactly the same way.

Better still you can use our attribution across all these channels. Through the use of control groups you are even able to generate actual ROI on campaigns, even down to channel and creative level.

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