Vue way ahead for late evening screenings

Every exhibitor has a very different profile in terms of demographics and behaviours.  It seems that Vue is doing exceptionally well in terms of attracting a later evening audience*.

From April through to November 2018 Vue attracted the largest audiences after 8pm.  In comparison Cinworld's evening audience was only 52% of Vue's, despite their overall audience being 12% larger.

Surprisingly Vue has a late evening audience 18% larger than ODEON's, despite Vue's overall footfall being only 67% of ODEON's. In fact ODEON barely attracts more late evening footfall than Cineworld, making it the poorest performing of the big five exhibitors, in proportion to the rest of its footfall.

Proportionally Vue has the largest late evening audience in the UK market, performing better than even Everyman and Picturehouse.

*GO.DATA defines a later evening audience as consumers who enter the cinema foyer after 8 pm.