GO.DATA v1.1 coming soon

Delivering Version 1.0 of GO.DATA was a huge milestone for us but the momentum doesn't stop there.  We are excited to be launching v1.1 Friday 9th November, here's what's new:

Under the hood: there are a few things you wont immediately see in the interface but they are very, very important:
  • Support for international data sets (yes other countries in Europe and the US will be available soon)
  • Support for multi-language
  • Faster and expanded data structure (billions of data records have slowed things down)
Charts will be looking a little prettier.
We have overhauled the interface, which is now sporting the oh-so-fashionable dark mode. However it is not all whimsical and skin-deep…

We have stunning new features:
  • Behavioural segments 
    • Our first basic behavioural segments go live
    • Based on locations on the day of cinema visit
    • Includes: coffee lovers, fashion shoppers, budget grocery shoppers, premium grocery shoppers, mall visitors, public transport users, diners and socialisers.
  • Frequency
    • We now record when a consumer was last active at the cinema (in days), and the average movie viewing frequency (in movies per month)
  • Loyalty
    • We are now tracking those that are loyal to a single exhibitor
  • Audience Builder
    • All of the above will be available in the Audience Builder.  So you can mix behavioural segments, frequency and loyalty with previous movie viewing habits such as comp titles, day of week, time of day or city.
We have some really huge features planned for v1.2, which right now is scheduled for December. More on that in a later post.