Exhibitor brand loyalty seasonal and geographical changes

In May 2018, 71% of consumers in the GO.DATA audience were loyal to a single exhibitor. Over the late summer, and particularly as we entered autumn this started to change. We now see over 77% of consumers are loyal to a single chain.

We bounced a variety of theories around why this may be, but ultimately decided to do what we do… look at the data!

The explanation was simple. The increase was largely seen in locations that offered parking.  Why has loyalty to these locations increased? Inclement weather.

Each time we saw a peak in loyalty, it corresponded with bad weather alongside a gradual drift towards these venues as temperatures drop.

As a result we are now starting to work with weather data and plan to forecast consumer behaviour based on weather forecasts.

All this data got us thinking: what is the impact of exhibitor availability? Whilst national loyalty sits at 77% we assumed that loyalty in towns and cities with more than one exhibitor would plummet. 

Analysis shows that 41% of our audience are in an area where there is only one close, viable exhibitor.  If we remove those 41% from our analysis and look at people with easy access to two or more exhibitors the overall loyalty to a single exhibitor drops to 62%.

On the face of it this it looks like bad news. But actually it is heavily skewed by a few cities with big consumer populations and huge amounts of choice in terms of available showtimes and movies.

The reality is where you have between two and five cinemas available to a population, exhibitor loyalty still remains around 70%.  It is only where you have more cinemas, a very dense population and easy pedestrian/ public transport links to cinemas, the percentage drops to 55% or less.

In summary, consumers are gravitating towards cinemas with easy parking as cold days draw in and they are largely loyal, unless swamped with easy access choice.