Clock changes and exhibitors: what is the impact?

We often brainstorm trends at Screen Moguls to identify trends. We are sitting on a mountain of unique data, but all that data is of no use unless you are looking for something.

This week we were convinced that the changing of the clocks would have made a big difference to the time people showed up to the cinema the following day. Guessing that some people would have just plain forgotten to change their watches we plundered GO.DATA for the results.

We have a unique foyer data set. We are able to measure the time people enter a cinema.  Not the time they go to a till or enter the screen, but the time they walk in the door. This is something nobody else can do, including exhibitors. Because our custom algorithms can work out what film a consumer saw, we know how long before or after the published showtime consumers arrive.

So we took a look at Sunday 28th October vs the proceeding four Sundays.  And the results were…drum roll please… not much really.

Consumers arrived about 25 seconds early, that's it.

So does the clock change impact exhibitors?  Nope.