Taking another look at week day trends.

We wrote about the serious drop we saw for Tuesday and Wednesdays across summer 2018, with the biggest drop in late August and September. Whilst not all cinema attendance on Tuesday and Wednesday is attributable to Meerkat, they certainly have an influence.  It is unclear at this point whether the drop was those week days generally under-performing, or Meerkat Movies under-performing.

We thought it was worth a revisit to see how the numbers have progressed in October.  The answer is it is a mixed bag.  We looked at Friday 28th September through to Friday 26th October (to ensure we got an representative number of week days) and found:

  • Overall relative volumes for Tuesday and Wednesday have increased, vs September, in relation to weekend attendance
  • Both days dwarfed Thursday, which has dropped significantly
  • However Tuesdays are barely any different to Mondays, with Wednesdays looking only a little healthier. It looks more like Mondays got a boost, rather than Tuesday/Wednesday performing well.
  • Several high profile titles for the period, including Venom, A Star Is Born and Bohemian Rhapsody released or had early screenings on Wednesdays, which will have affected numbers for those days
Overall it still looks like Tuesday and Wednesday attendance across our audience is still down, although it has made some recovery. This follows the general UK market trend, which saw a relatively good October performance as a whole. The spread across the days also looks unusual, so we will be keeping an eye on it.

It is worth noting that we followed around 2.5m consumers in October, so the numbers are not conclusive.  We also follow all cinema goers, regardless of whether they booked online, walked in with card/cash or were not the booking/paying party.  We also don't follow under 18's.

However our overall numbers are about to dramatically increase int he coming months, following over a third of the UK population. 

We will continue to watch the weekday trends and post back here.