Google campaigns with GO.DATA in ten minutes

One of the biggest features of GO.DATA is the ability to create an audience based on previous cinema-going habits, use it with third party media channels and then measure attribution.

To date our audiences have been used with Google, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. This means you can reach millions of closely targeted consumers in minutes.

But how hard is it?

To demonstrate using GO.DATA audiences with Google, here are ten steps, that can be completed in under 10 minutes:
  1. Log into GO.DATA and select Audience Builder 
  2. Use search criteria to build a the audience of your choice (for example people who watched A Star Is born at Odeon, on a Saturday in Bristol) 
  3. Save the audience (this enables attribution tracking) 
  4. Export the audience (you now have a .csv file on your PC) 
  5. Log into Google Display & Video 360 and select Audiences > All Audiences on the left menu 
  6. Click New Audience > Mobile device IDs 
  7. Enter a name for your audience and select the .csv file that was just downloaded to your PC
  8. Click Upload File to upload the file you selected. The new audience will appear in Audiences > All Audiences 
  9. Run a campaign against this audience, using any Google media you want (owned and non-owned)
  10. Leave it a week and log into GO.DATA and within Attribution Tracking search on the movie you were promoting and it will show you how many people from your exported audience went to see the movie. 
Steps one through nine take under 10 minutes.  Depending on the audience size your Google media campaign will be up and running immediately but even large audiences shouldn't take more than 30 minutes to be ready.

Read instructions on uploading to Display & Video 360.