Are Consumers Sensitive to Concession Prices?

We have seen in our data that one of the most frequently visited locations, on the day of seeing a movie, are supermarkets.  That got us thinking:

Are these visits for the weekly shop, or are consumers buying snacks to take to the cinema, to avoid high foyer concession costs?Does the type of movie being watched make a difference?Is it different from one exhibitor to the next?
Armed with a bulging databases and enquiring minds we took a look.
To the first question we filtered our data a little more closely.  We had seen in earlier numbers a staggering 39% of people went to a supermarket in the two hours before the movie, but this is really a little too broad. So we looked at consumers that had been to a supermarket within 30 minutes before entering the cinema and whose supermarket visit was less than 10 minutes long.  We figured this would eliminate big weekly shops.

Surprisingly 15.2% of cinema goers in November, December and half of January 2019 fitted the bill.  This is an enormous …

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